“When I got engaged, I nearly fell to the floor because of the beauty of my David Alan Jewelry engagement ring. My then-fiance launched into an excited explanation of all the details of my ring, which he worked hand-in-hand with David Alan to design. I was in such awe of the details of my ring, my dream ring, that I was ecstatic to meet the legend of David myself. When I first showed up at David’s a few weeks later, he welcomed me with a warm hug as if he’d known me his entire life. I was immediately drawn to David’s welcoming personality, and beyond that, his genuine enthusiasm about meeting with me to talk about my engagement ring. He went through all the details of my ring, the most perfect thing I’ve ever seen, made sure it fit me properly and advised on how to best care for it. He also assured me that whenever I wanted to have it cleaned, I could drop on in. I took full advantage of that, and still do! I make appointments to drop in for a cleaning and David and Rebecca are always more than happy to accommodate me."

- Kristen & Steve A.
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