Some say the eyes provide a window to the soul. David Alan believes that the hands unveil the soul and define you. From engagement rings, to wedding bands, cocktail rings and beyond, David Alan rings are talismans to declare “who you are” to the world. As an architect, engineer and master jeweler, David continues to innovate and create some of the most remarkable, yet wearable rings that exist today.

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“After meeting with David for the first time, I was truly blown away by his passion and confident I had made the right decision and would be in good hands.”

Justin H.

“My husband and I custom designed my engagement ring and wedding bands and they came out even better than we'd ever expected.”

Sara G.

“There is no one I would recommend more and I’m so happy we found our forever jeweler in David!”

Amanda R.

“Guys - if you are starting the process - you MUST start with David and see what is really possible out there! He's a freaking rockstar!!!”

Ben S.

“With no hesitation whatsoever I would recommend David Alan Jewelry and I'm so grateful to have gotten to share this once in a lifetime opportunity with them.”

Gulya D.